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The Fangirl Tour

Now Appearing at an LJ Near You!

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Fandom recommendations
The idea is simple: post recs, a baker's dozen of fan art, fanfic, videos, icons, etc. Mix and match fandoms as you please, and there are no restrictions on the choice of fandom, genre, pairing or preference. The Fangirl Tour isn't about the art or stories that have received the most fandom awards or accolades; it's about the stories and art that the participants of The Fangirl Tour enjoy, for whatever reason. Rules and posting guidelines can be found here.

To keep up with the tour, feel free to join or watch the community. However, only the participants of the current round of the Fangirl Tour may post to the community.

If you're curious, here are the origins of the fangirl_tour.

The Spring 2011 Tour has concluded, but we'll be back in October, 2011!

To see what's been recced on past tours, see our del.icio.us links or our lj tags.

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