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About The Fangirl Tour

The premise of the Tour is simple, really. If you fangirl it, we want to know about it. There are no restrictions on the choice of fandom, genre, pairing or preference. The Fangirl Tour isn't necessarily about the art or stories that have received the most fandom awards or accolades; it's about the stories, art, video, essays, etc. that the participants of The Fangirl Tour enjoy, for whatever reason.

Fangirl Wednesday!

Hey, Fangirls!

So, I originally began planning this leg of the fangirl_tour  with the idea of showcasing fandoms that I’ve gotten myself into since the previous fangirl_tour  took place in the fall. 

And then something amazing happened. 

My love for Justified, the very excellent FX TV show starring Timothy Olyphant and a host of other amazing actors, EXPLODED INSIDE MY HEART in a shower of rainbows and cowboy hats and epic frenemies.

I cannot tell you of the depths of my love for this show, so imma share with you all the amazing fic that I’ve read in the order that they were added to my delicious.  Plus a couple more fics I’ve come across and loved in the Hawaii Five-O, Dresden Files, Kushiel’s Legacy, and a special fic from the Star Trek (2009) fandom.


9 Justified recs and one each of Hawaii Five-0, Dresden Files, Kushiel's Legacy, and Star TrekCollapse )



Apr. 5, 2011

 Well, Hi!

First time here!! English is my second language, and I'm so nervous! Please, be kind with my mistakes. If I did something wrong with the post, or with the english, just say and I'll correct.

I read fanfics a lot, but I never went in too much fandoms. I'm kind of obsessive, and when I start reading something, I only stop when... well, when I can't help and get obsessed by another fandom. Right know is Sherlock, but here I chose fics also from Twilight, Labyrinth, Harry Potter (Slash) and Gundam Wing (Yaoi). I looked in the fangirl_tour delicious, but I still don't know if I'm repeating some oldest rec. Hope not. <3

Recs Here!Collapse )

Fangirly Monday

What ho! *waves* I'm so glad the Tour is running again; it's such a fun comm.

I love reading fics in many different fandoms, so I decided to see if I could make a rec post without reccing any of the fandoms I did last time. Turns out I could (save for the HP crossover). Hope you'll find something you enjoy!

13 fanworks, 15 fandomsCollapse )
Yay for fangirl touring!!! Thanks to the fantabulous mods and members who make this such a great experience!

Okay, using my fave slashy icon because there's going to be a lot of slash here. Also, using Ao3 links as much as I can because downloading formated fic which is ready to be kindled has become a new kind of fanficcy joy.

I tend to read fanfiction for the poetry of the language and I'm always drawn to the slow burn. I also really prefer fic that "works" from start to finish in 5,000 words or less. In my opinion, the short form is where fandom writing excels.

Harry Potter, Supernatural, Master & Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Vampire Diaries, BDBCollapse )

Happy International Children's Book Day!

I'm quite excited to be back for my third Tour, and this time I come bearing fanfiction AND fanart recommendations! All the fanart is clickable and will take you to the artist's page. Warning: one piece depicts stylized violence (involving a lilac gun).

Now kick back, relax and let Hera invite you in~

Title: Hera
Artist: cheungygirl

Continue within to see recs in Mythology, His Dark Materials, Sherlock BBC, Inception, White Collar, Glee, Merlin, and Harry Potter!Collapse )

And on that HP note, I would like to wish every a happy International Children's Book Day! :) I hope you enjoyed the pretties. I had so much fun rereading the fics and reviewing the art I've seen in the past year to pick my favorites for your enjoyment. If your tastes mirror mine, here are my Delicious bookmarks where I save the fiction and art I like; you might find something else that catches your fancy.

I will be updating the Fangirl Tour's Delicious bookmarks again for this Tour, so be sure to look out for that. It's a handy tool if you're wondering whether another fangirl has recommended something before and of course to find the wonderful past recs :)

Thank you so much to scatteredlogic and firefly124 for continuing the Tour! You both are amazing &hearts This is one of my favorite communities on lj, and I can't wait to see what everyone else has to recommend!!

First Stop Friday

Please excuse any completely random words. My TextEdit's autocorrect feature is being overzealous and trying to turn it off has strangely only made it worse. I might not have caught all the switches.

Including recs from Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Toy Story 3, The Pretender, Dexter, The Nanny, Glee, Alias, Briget Jones, Hannibal Lecter, and Harry PotterCollapse )

Whew, what a whirlwind!

Not only did you all sign up at the speed of light, we've heard back from all but a small handful of people to acknowledge receipt of their assigned posting days. It's exciting to see that everyone's so ready and raring to go!

If you haven't received your assignment, please check your spam folder and check your sign-up to make sure the email address you left is correct.

Also, if you haven't already, please join the community so we can grant you posting access.

Other than that, just have fun making your rec lists. Can't wait to see what you're all going to fangirl this round!


Sign-ups closed!

In just a bit over 12 hours, we've reached 30 participants, so sign-ups are now closed. It's great to see both returning fangirls and new faces usernames.

We've got a draft schedule that just needs a bit of tweaking, so I expect we'll be mailing out assignments this evening or tomorrow at the latest. Please make sure to email us back once you've received your assignment to confirm. We'll also be sending out reminders as posting dates draw closer.

Meanwhile, start planning your recs! Remember, rules and a sample template can be found here. To see what's been recced on past tours, see our del.icio.us links or our lj tags.


Official Sign-Up Post for April 2011 Tour!

Sign-ups for the April 2011 round of the fangirl_tour are now open! Posting will run from April 1-30, so sign-ups are limited to the first 30 takers.

If you would like to sign up for a day on which to post a baker's dozen (13) recs for fic, art, vids, or other things you fangirl, this is the place to do it. You can mix and match fandoms, and there are no restrictions on genres or pairings. Rules and posting guidelines can be found here.

Information to include when you sign up:

LJ Name:
Email address:
Any dates during April 2011 that you cannot post:

Sign-ups will run through the weekend or until we have 30 participants, whichever happens first, and assignments will be emailed out on Monday the 28th of March.

Sign-ups are now closed! 30 sign-ups in a bit over 12 hours! Wow!

It's almost April!

And that means it's almost time for the next round of the fangirl_tour. Can you believe it?

As we did last October, we'll take 30 sign-ups and distribute them over the 30 days of April. This isn't the sign-up post yet though. That'll be next week.

This is the post to give you a chance to think about what 13 things you want to rec and to think about any restrictions you want to put on your sign-up. Two things especially to bear in mind for this round are whether a) you want to post over Easter weekend and b) whether you're going to Aeternitas, as I have a feeling quite a few fangirls will be doing. That way we can schedule you for a posting day that will work for you.

Any questions? Comments? Are you ready to spread the joy of the things you fangirl?


Closing Time...

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, it's time to pack up the community for the winter, but have no fear, we'll be back in March, 2011 for sign-ups for the Spring 2011 round. ;)

Thank you to my hardworking co-mod, firefly124, who kept track of reminders and the posting schedule, and to peyton07, who's generously taken over updating the community's del.icio.us links. Most especially, though, thank you to our Tour participants for this round. We literally couldn't have done it without you:


For those of you interested in such things, this round had 436 recs (and one recipe!) in 119 fandoms. So if you're ever looking for something good to read or wonderful art to admire, feel free to take a stroll through the fangirl_tour tags or through the del.icio.us links, and we hope to see you all back here in the Spring.


Saturday's Slashtastic Recs

Welcome to your Saturday fangirl stop! Really I should call this the “slash” stop. No offense to anyone else of course, or maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention, but I haven’t seen that many rec’s given to the slash stories of various fandoms out there. I’m a slasher so pretty much all of the following will be slash fanfiction/videos.

In fact… I think only the Labyrinth stories contain het.

In any case, enjoy! I know I have.

Fandoms: Beyblade, Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Blood Ties, Final Fantasy VII, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Tin Man & TwilightCollapse )

Tags to be added please?: Beyblade, Yu Yu Hakusho & Code Geass.

Friday's Edition...

The offerings today run the gamut from stories (mostly one-shots, since I apparently am long-fic commitment phobic) to art to craft to video. Mainly Harry Potter (reflecting my love for SS/HG, Neville, and Professor Flitwick) with some Star Trek, Narnia, and Firefly thrown in.

Without further ado, on to the recs, in no particular order:

Come ye, come ye, under here...Collapse )

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In the time-honoured American consumerist tradition of skipping over Halloween and giving Thanksgiving a miss, I humbly bring you thirteen-ish heartwarming yuletide stories from the Harry Potter fandom.

Guaranteed to make grinchlets and scroogettes everywhere smile with glee in their less shriveled heartsCollapse )

Wednesday recs.

Wow. I panicked when I couldn't find two of these (and whatever happened to the old archives? I've been hanging out at LJ for too long...). I did a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, with an emphasis on the Buffyverse because, let's admit. That's home to me. But even the BtVS recs are varied!


Happy reading!

Buffy the Vampire SlayerCollapse )
Blood+Collapse )
Blood TiesCollapse )
Fullmetal AlchemistCollapse )
Gone With The WindCollapse )
HouseCollapse )
Pride and PrejudiceCollapse )
Sailor MoonCollapse )
SmallvilleCollapse )

Fangirl Sunday!

Here be today's stop on the fangirl tour. All fics are gen, from this year's Yuletide, 12 fics from 12 fandoms, from the small to the pretty damned big, actually. Cheers!

12 fics, 12 fandomsCollapse )

Happy Fangirl Saturday!

I was so pumped up from last year's Fangirl Tour that I've been keeping a list of recs all year. Each of them has a gripping plot because at heart I'm a plot girl. But each has some element of the author's style or skill with specific story elements that truly impresses and inspires me (and makes me wish/hope/revise-until-my-eyeballs-bleed/dream that I write could write like that!). So yeah, I've been keeping track of the stories allllllll year that really made me sit up and notice the author's style or skill. I hope you enjoy them! 

Ten Harry Potter recs...Collapse )

Two Buffy Recs...Collapse )

All aboard for Friday's Fangirl Tour!

This will be a rather eclectic stop on the Tour but I hope to temp you to click a rec or two. I’m a newbie to the tour but not the Potterverse, where most of these recs come from. We seem to hang out in different areas but perhaps I can interest you in something you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter. If not, I’ve included some surprises as well…….
As I'm sure everyone's reading list has grown exponentially, this is a whistle stop tour of short stories and art.Collapse )

This bonus is to wish y'all a Happy Halloween! I know it says it's about Morticia and Gomez Addams but I see Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange! Don't you?

Fangirl Thursday!

Hello there! I’m your recommender for the day! *waves* It seems like for the past year I’ve read numerous fics and thought ‘I should remember that for the fangirl_tour.’ Did I keep track of these links anywhere so I could find them when it’s actually here? Apparently not. *sigh* Well then, you get what I can think of this week instead. Enjoy!

This way for fic from Harry Potter, Star Trek (Reboot), Torchwood, The Hunger Games, and a random rec of icons.Collapse )

Thanks to scatteredlogic and firefly124 for running the tour! I always find new and fun fics – and fandoms – to read! This has become one of my favorite events in fandom.

Fangirl Wednesday!

Hello fellow fangirls!  Here I have for you a baker’s dozen fic recs from six different fandoms.

Even though Labyrinth was my first and one true fandom, I haven’t been reading much in it lately.  So I thought I would share some of my new loves.  All of these recs have come from my personal delicious.  Please check it out!  There’s more where this came from.  I’ve organized the fics in (approximately) the order in which I came to each fandom.  Be warned, there will be lots of NC-17 sex, slash, and threesomes ahead.

Aaand...it's officially Wednesday where I am, so here you go!

Ahoy, recs for Supernatural, Star Trek XI, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Inception, White Collar, and Sherlock!Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )


Thanks and love to scatteredlogic   and firefly124   for running the Tour.  I’m so happy to be a part of it this year!

Fangirl Tuesday

Hello fellow fans! I bring to you six fanfic recs and seven fanart recs from ten fandoms--crossovers included.

Most of these fanworks are gen, but there is a couple of shippy pieces listed below as well. Enjoy! And don't forget to give the writers and artists all the love they deserve! ^__^

Anime & MangaCollapse )

British ComedyCollapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

Parodies & CrossoversCollapse )

And this is the end. *sobs*

Many thanks to scatteredlogic and firefly124 for running the fangirl_tour and letting us all play here! :-)

Fangirl Monday

In a shocking twist, the majority of my recs are for SSHG fics. Try to contain your surprise! Now, a while back, I compiled a huge list of recs for my most favorite ship ever, but I made the mistake of posting it on my journal before the SSHG Exchange finished. So I was delighted when I heard about this Fangirl Tour, because it gives me a chance to squee about some of the fics I loved that were posted towards the end. And when I say 'squee', I mean 'chatter endlessly', so brace yourselves. :P

(Pic by arival)

SSHG recsCollapse )


(Pic by lattelady)

Labyrinth recsCollapse )

Supplemental Post: Art IDs

 Back again!   I apologize for the lack of info concerning the art;  one of the things that managed to vanish in the technical difficulties I had in posting this today are the links I had embedded in the art that would take you to the artist's gallery or website. I don't want to try editing the pics in the post for fear that something will happen to them, so, here's a list.

With The Janus Rose:  Young Snape, by auroreblackcat 
With "My Journal About My Life and Stephen and Miranda" by Adela:  A Walk in the Woods, by Sigune
With As to a Portrait, Gently Drawn: Severus and Luna by karasu_hime  (please note, she doesn't have a formal gallery that I could find)
With Masters and Friends:  Young and Hopeful by Vizen
With The Sword of Slytherin:  The Knave of Spades by Sigune
With The Conjugal State:  The Caretaker by rexluscus  (her art is archived at her LJ)
With The Lightkeeper:  Remus and Severus by ave-avery
With Rapture:  Bitter by Patilda
With The Herald:  Asleep by Perselus
With A Game of Fox and Hounds: You're in Trouble Now by Lithrael
With Faces of Pride, Feelings of Fear:  Bellatrix by Nachan  
With To a Doctor's Wife:  Holmes/Watson (REIG) by spacefall  (art is archived at her LJ) 
With The Three Favors:  Bathtub Pr0n by spacefall  (art is archived at her LJ)
At the end of the post:  Snape Commission by makani

Thank you all for you patience!!  Here's a giggle for you (also by makani) as a reward (this time the embedding worked!)  - Team Spirit

Hi Everyone!  ::skids in, late as usual, and waves enthusiastically::   I'm albalark , and I'm hoping you'll enjoy your time with me on today's Fangirl Tour.  I'm sort of a newbie to this whole fandom thing, and so I'm finding the tour so far to be very educational!  I hope I don't bore all of you by sticking primarily to my OTC (One True Character), Severus Snape.   He's such an amazing, complex character that he attracts some of the best writers I have read under any circumstances.  That such talented people are writing fan fiction about my favorite fictional character leaves me feeling incredibly grateful.  They make this universe I love so much deeper, richer, more profound and, well, *magical* than I ever dreamed it could be.  In fact, I had originally thought about making this an Author/Artist fangirl tour, but decided that was too unwieldy.  But, excellent fic (or art) rarely happens in a vacuum.  So, you can take it as read that any author or artist whose work I am rec-ing is well worth the time it would take to seek out their other works.  They won't disappoint you.

Enough about *why* I want to take you - let's go! 

(Oh, and morethansirius ? I *totally* stole your idea ::ggg:

 Young Snape, by auroreblackcat 

The Tour Starts HereCollapse )A Walk in the Woods, by SiguneThe Tour Starts HereCollapse )Severus and Luna by karasu_hime
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )Young and Hopeful by Vizen
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )The Knave of Spades by Sigune
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) The Caretaker by rexluscus
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )Remus and Severus by ave-avery
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) Bitter by Patilda
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )Asleep by Perselus
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )joanwilder.insanejournal.com/114004.html
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) You're in Trouble Now by Lithrael
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) Bellatrix by Nachan
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) Holmes/Watson (REIG) by spacefall
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )
The Tour Starts HereCollapse ) Bathtub Pr0n by spacefall
The Tour Starts HereCollapse )

Snape Commission by makani

Well, there you have it.  I'd like to thank the mods of this fabulous comm for hosting this and for giving me a chance to take a turn (though they may not let me do this ever again after this performance. XD).   I'd also like to thank all of the authors and artists who appear here and many more who don't for enriching my life immeasurably . . .to quote Frederick from Pirates of Penzance, "I love you all with affection Unspeakable".   Thanks for coming with me today!!

Fangirl Saturday

Good morning, fellow fangirls. I have an even dozen for this leg of the tour--a combination of stories with illustrations to go with them. I took that idea from a previous fangirl poster. Many thanks to her!

This is a hodge-podge of fandoms, including All the Small Things, StarGate Atlantis, Dracula, Peter Pan, King Arthur and Avatar. I have a few WIPs in there. I usually try to avoid those, but in such cases, the story is so well told, it's worth investing the time.

On with the show:

Read moreCollapse )

Fangirly Friday

Greetings, fellow fans! Under the cut you'll find 13 fic recs in 13 different fandoms, mostly book-based ones (variety is the spice of life, as they say). The fandoms are sorted alphabetically for your tidy-minded pleasure. I hope you'll find something you enjoy, and please remember to tell the authors if you do!  

(Mods, I'm a little unsure whether to tag the last rec as 'Peter Pan', seeing as it's based on a particular book, but I will do as you think best. <3)

Recs for: Around the World in Eighty Days, Crime and Punishment, The Da Vinci Code, The Devil Wears Prada, Earthsea, Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Horatio Hornblower, Keeping Up Appearances, Lord of the Rings, Mean Girls, Moby-Dick, Peter and WendyCollapse )

Fangirl Thursday!

First of all, thank you to scatteredlogic and firefly124 for running the Tour! I have found tons of new fandoms and fanfiction through everyone's recommendations and through my introduction to Delicious. So many thanks to my fellow reccers on the Tour as well!

Second, Fangirl Tour's Delicious Account is updated to the end of the 2009 tour. I will be adding the 2010 recs shortly! Check those tags out when you want to find a story about a certain character or in a specific genre.

Third, did anyone else have a tough time narrowing their recs down to just 13?! Man, I feel like I'm driving away from the gas station without some of my children in the car! Haha well, I tried to provide a goodly amount of variety. I hope you enjoy!

Fandoms: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Inception, The Office, Sherlock BBC, The Rescuers, Sound of Music, and Star TrekCollapse )
Welcome to your Wednesday recs for the Fangirl Tour!

Today's post is the Largely London edition, for reasons that will become quite apparent. While not every scene of everything recced here is set in London, all of the fandoms featured are centered on London and its environs, and the city itself is virtually a character in some of these tales. So, from Mayfair to Soho to Dalston and beyond, here's a host of recs from Good Omens, The Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd, with cameos and crossovers from Nathan Barley, Spaced and Hot Fuzz.

I apologize in advance for my horribly wordy recs. I just can't shut myself up, even when I try. *g* Consider it a mark of how much love I have for these works!

Now, look deep into the parka…

There are many recs in here, recs you could never dream ofCollapse )

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The Tour maintainers are scatteredlogic and firefly124, with Tour moderator peyton07, our Del.icio.us links goddess.

The Tour email is fangirltour@gmail.com.

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