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About The Fangirl Tour

The premise of the Tour is simple, really. If you fangirl it, we want to know about it. There are no restrictions on the choice of fandom, genre, pairing or preference. The Fangirl Tour isn't necessarily about the art or stories that have received the most fandom awards or accolades; it's about the stories, art, video, essays, etc. that the participants of The Fangirl Tour enjoy, for whatever reason.

Spring 2011 wrap-up

What a great round of the Tour this has been! Let’s have a round of applause for the fangirls who recced this time:


Thank you all so very much for posting such exciting and diverse recs! You all are what make the fangirl_tour work.

Now for some stats.

CategoryTour to DateNew Spring 2011 Round
total recs2483477

That’s mightily impressive for a mere 30 days! Plus you recced all sorts of new fandoms and got very creative with your choices. The fangirls are what make the fangirl_tour what it is, and we thank you all!

See you for the next round in October!


Making it last juuuust a bit longer ...

Whew! What a great round this has been! As scatteredlogic said yesterday, she and I decided we wanted to share some recs too, and so here are mine. A wrap-up post with stats will be up soon too, so you can see just how amazing this round has been. You all have been incredible!

Meanwhile, this post was always going to be heavy on Doctor Who and Torchwood, but I’d recently started reading some Sarah Jane Adventures fics as well. After the death of Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith, I decided to lead off with a few recs of fics featuring her character.

Sarah Jane and the Doctor

By Timedancer

Note: this post is image-heavy, though I've tried to scale down the display sizes. As many of these recs come from either tardisbigbang or tw_bigbang, quite a lot of the art is actually illustrations from the specific stories. In other cases, I've mostly gone with the trend we seem to have this round of simply finding art that seems to complement the fic being recced in some way. I hope it's fairly clear which are which.

Read more...Collapse )

Did you think it was over?

This round of the Tour may be over, but firefly124 and I are claiming mod privileges and posting our own recs this round. firefly124 has just returned from a con, so I don't expect her recs for another day or two, but she'll post before we close out this round officially. Don't worry, though. We plan to be back in October, 2011 for another round of the Tour.

I've tried to rec stories that haven't been recced on the Tour before, and due to our lovely new mod peyton07's diligence with the delicious links, it was easy enough to check. ;)

All HP, all the timeCollapse )

Apr. 30th, 2011

Welcome to the last scheduled rec of the  fangirl_tour , my name is Ellie and I shall be your guide today. I must warn that pregnant women, and those weak of heart are advised not to attend this event. and finally: I ask that you keep all hands and luggage within the moving vehicle at all times. I do hope you enjoy today's ride!

SO, you can basically blame peyton07 for my recs today. She's the one that bullied me into signing up showed me this wonderful comm for the first time just recently. I've got six different fandoms in here (Harry Potter, Inception, The Dead Poet's Society, The Outsiders, Narnia and Gattaca) most of which involve some form of slash pairing but there's a few gen pieces thrown in as well :3  

And lastly, I just want to say thank you to all the utterly wonderful recs and to the mods for running this ♥

 lions and tigers and bears - oh my!Collapse )
I am posting stories that are old favorites or new favorites, but their primary characteristic is a good story that allows me to sink into reading and forget that I’m working 11-hours days for the next two months. I offer longer novel-type stories and some lovely PWP, all are excellent. Apologies if I’m repeating, but when I’m stressed, I return to favorites for a stress relief re-read. All are Harry Potter -- I’m also single-minded when stressed.

This way to my Harry Potter escapism.Collapse )

Come One, Come All! Recs Here!!!

Greetings! This is my very first posting on the Fangirl Tour, although I’ve been a fangirl for a VERY long time.

Come with me into the wonderful worlds of Harry Potter and Sherlock! I’ve included an art link for each, and a bonus Who/Sarah Jane Adventures rec, as well!

(If any of these are duplicates of earlier recs, please accept my apologies. I’ve checked, but I just can’t believe that some of them haven’t shown up before!)

Harry PotterCollapse )

SherlockCollapse )

The Sarah Jane AdventuresCollapse )

This was fun! I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful stories and viewing the amazing art as much as I have! (Mods, may I please have a tag for The Sarah Jane Adventures?)

Today's Recs are brought to you by ...

 ... me!

Hiya! It's my first time reccing for the fangirl_tour , so I do hope everyone finds something in this list to enjoy!  It's all Harry Potter, all the time, for me, so take a look.  A bit of something for everyone.  :)

Without Further Ado ...Collapse )

I had no idea it was going to be this hard to narrow it down to 13, but I think I picked a few decent ones.  Please don't forget to read and review on any or all of these if you like them - especially some of the older ones, which I'm sure would love to know they're still loved!!

Belated Sunday Recs

Many apologizes for the late post, but unfortunately, I haven't had internet access since late Friday. Power blackouts are pretty common here. So you get two-for-the-price-of-one today. This is a mixed-bag of recs from the fandoms I've been all aglow about recently.

Recs from Alias, Ashes to Ashes, Glee, Kick-Ass, The King's Speech, Mad Men, Vorkosigan Saga, The West Wing/The Thick of It, and White CollarCollapse )

Feedback the authors if you liked the stories, please.

(Mods, may I have tags for "Kick-Ass" and "The King's Speech"?)

Fangirl Saturday!

Dear fellow fangirls (and fanboys),

Behind the cut, you are going to find 13 fanart recs, covering 10 fandoms. Each piece has been drawn by a different artist. :-)

The "Status" field has been omitted from the headers because all pieces are obviously complete. The "Summary" field hasn't been used either because almost all recs are preceded by thumbnails, which work as "visual summaries" so to speak.

Thank you firefly124 and scatteredlogic for running this lovely community! ^_^

Gen, het and yuri fanarts hereCollapse )

Friday's fangirly fun!

Hi! My name is Doriana and I'll be your tour guide today. Today's fic recs are from eight fandoms, including big ones like Supernatural, old ones like Slayers, and happy sparkly ones like Arashi and NEWS (=J-pop RPF). These fics are some of my all-time favorites, I hope you'll enjoy them too! :)

click for fics: Arashi, FFVII, Gokusen, Merlin, Naruto, NEWS, Slayers, SupernaturalCollapse )

Terrific Fangirl Tuesday!

First time fangirl voxangelus  reporting for tour duty!

I’m so excited to bring these recs to you today.

Thirteen Harry Potter recs (except for one crossover), mostly humor, but with a little drama to round out the collection. Most are SS/HG, but there are a small handful of other ships and gen as well. Bonus? Most of these stories are short, making them perfect light reading for a weekday evening!

Potterpalooza this way....Collapse )

Thirteen long, plotty fics and series.

(Sorry this is late! My Internet has been acting up. Oh yeah, and I had most of the post done when I unplugged the PC I was using instead of the laptop, and lost half the thing ¬¬)

Hi! I'm ladysugarquill and this is my turn at the Fangirl Tour! Since choosing only 13 of *all* my favourite fics was kinda impossible, I've chosen to rec you the most lengthy, epic and awesome fics - or series - I love. Let's start!

(Note: those without "Status" are one-shots)

Harry PotterCollapse )

Crossovers: HP/Naruto, HP/Firefly, Animorphs/Scrubs, NCIS/HetaliaCollapse )

Danny Phantom, Spider-man, TwilightCollapse )

ETA: I think we need a couple of tags: NCIS, Hetalia, Animorphs, Scrubs, Danny Phantom, Spider-man (Yay new fandoms! XD).

Fangirl Monday!

Good morning, fangirls! I've been so, so, so excited about this all month. Putting together this list has been loads of fun. Thanks so much to the mods for running another round of the tour. I've branched out fandom-wise this year, so there's a lot represented here.

Now, let's get right to the recs. Beneath the cut you'll find: Numb3rs, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Justified, Star Trek reboot, The Walking Dead, and Being Human (US) recs. I've included slash, het, gen, and ratings from PG - NC-17, and stories that range from drabbles to long WIPs, so hopefully there's something for everyone. Enjoy!

A little bit of everythingCollapse )

So that's it. Hope you enjoyed. I've been loving all the great recs posts so far!

Mods, can we get tags for Being Human (US), The Walking Dead, and Numb3rs?

The plotty/long multi-fandom rec list

To compile this list, I decided I wanted to include some of my older, less well known favorite fics and some of my fics from my newer fandoms. I've been reading fanfic for about 10 years and have gone through as many fandoms, so below you will find a list with the new fandoms first that segues back into the older stuff.  

Most of the fics are slash, some are gen, and one is eventually het. I've included some podfic links here too for the ones that I listen to the podfic over and over for.


Inception, Sherlock, SPN, STR, SGA, BTVSCollapse )

A Quiet Moment bysigune   (Artist's gallery: http://sigune.deviantart.com/gallery/)

Hello there!  I am so pleased to be able to take you on an encore of the 'Seriously Severus' Tour I gave you in the fall.  There are so many new sights to see (and a new fandom, too) that I hope you'll find yourselves as enthralled with these as I was.  Those of you who were around for the first tour through my obsessions will note that I have followed the same sneaky Slytherin formula as last time.  I could not choose between art and fic, so I have 'illustrated' my tour.  Note that these were not actually drawn to accompany the fic they are paired with -  I just loved them and thought they'd work with what I was rec-ing.   So, with that disclaimer, everyone on board the bus and we'll get this party started!

Welcome and buckle up for safety!Collapse )
This is a very hodge-podgey list, as I have been very willy-nilly lately, reading-wise. Erm. Make that life-wise.

Though it is OTF=Harry Potter, for now (eyes Bluey’s Sherlock recs, for starters).

Read more...Collapse )

Fangirl Tour Tuesday

Hello fellow fangirls!

I come to you mere months after falling headfirst into a new fandom, still giddy with the excitement of new canon, new writers, and a treasure trove of amazing storytelling.

Welcome to my Sherlock BBC fanfic recs (with one art rec on the side).  (Apologies that the hyperlinks aren't live. I don't know why they're not working and will come back later to attempt to fix them. ETA: All fixed!)

This fandom is filled with fantastic storytelling and writing. So, here goes!

Sherlock BBC RecsCollapse )

Fangirl Tour Monday

Hello, and welcome to this stop on the Fangirl Tour! Today's offerings include large amounts of my rambling recs, as I present selections from BBC!Sherlock, Nathan Barley, Good Omens, and The Mighty Boosh. There is a great deal of slash ahead, but I promise that I've mixed in one het story and a few gen gems to round out the mix. There's also a bias towards crack, humor and fluffy angst, so if you're looking to get happy, this must be the place.

Are you ready? Click to read on!

Come with me now on a journey through time and space...Collapse )

I hope you've enjoyed this tour stop, and have found a story (or two, or three) to enjoy--maybe even a new fandom to explore. Thanks again to the mods for organizing all of this and making the Fangirl Tour possible!

It's fangirly Sunday

...and a perfect day to read lovely stories and look at pretty artses mostly from the HP fandom with a bit of Doctor Who mixed in.


Harry PotterCollapse )

Doctor WhoCollapse )

Fangirl Saturday!

In spring, a fangirl's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of art.

Or something like that. I've stolen the line from Tennyson. His version was about men and love rather than fangirls and art, but he's totally relevant because, hey, he wrote fanfic, too. About King Arthur and company. Yes, he may have called it epic poetry, but it comes down to the same thing in the end.

Anyway, I thought I'd like to take the Fangirl Tour with me on a little trip to some of my favorite Harry Potter fanarts. Many of them feature Minerva McGonagall, because, well, what's not to adore? She's my OTC.

The First Lady of GryffindorCollapse )

I've given you a double dose of most of the artists, because they're all too good for me to be able to choose just a single work.

My apologies to people on my flist -- I don't think there are recs here that you haven't seen before. But they're worth revisiting.

13 Harry Potter FanartsCollapse )

Still keeping on for now

So far, the vote is far and away to keep on fangirling on schedule. Of course, there is some built-in sample bias to the poll, in that fangirls who can't access LJ can't vote in it. If you are in contact with someone in that situation, please encourage them to email the mods (fangirltour@gmail.com) and let us know, so that they can be heard.

Meanwhile, if you're due to post in the next several days (i.e. if you've received a reminder email), please plan to go ahead and post.

It was mentioned in comments to the poll that it would be good to have an off-LJ place to look for updates on what's going on if you can't access the Tour. To that end, we've set up a Twitter account. Granted, not everyone uses Twitter, but it's something you can bookmark to check in the event you can't access the Tour, rather like LJ's status page (also a good thing to have bookmarked if you don't already). If you do use Twitter, feel free to follow @fangirltour, but as it's an announcement-only Twitter, we won't be doing follow-backs with it.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled fangirling!


For those who haven't seen it, lj_maintenance has posted an update on the DDoS attacks and how they're responding to them. (I think I fangirl them just a bit for using a Dalek as their DDoS icon. *g*)

One of the things that became obvious quickly in the previous poll and comments is that not everyone is experiencing the same level of disruption. Some of that may be due to time zones, some may be due to which servers are being hit at the time. At any rate, that makes it a bit harder to judge how the outages are affecting people.

In terms of what to do if the situation is bad enough, delaying the Tour has the majority of votes. One of the problems with that option is that it's been two weeks already, and there's no telling when the problem will go away, or if it will go away completely. Of course, one of the problems with a mirror comm, as pointed out in comments, is that quite a few fanworks that are recced are on LJ's servers anyway. It's all well and good to be able to post recs and access the Tour's posts, but then it'd be awfully frustrating to see awesome fanworks being recced and then be unable to click through and check them out. So, if anything, delay appears to be the way to go.

The question, then, is whether or not the situation is disrupting people's experience of the Tour badly enough that it's time to call for a delay. So, we're asking:

How badly is the DDoS affecting your Tour experience?

I've hardly noticed any interruptions.
It's been mildly anoying.
I can usually reach the rec posts, but then I can't click through to recs that are on LJ.
LJ's been down almost constantly, and it's a miracle it's stayed up long enough for me to vote in this poll.

How do you feel about the Tour schedule?

Damn those DDoS-ers! Keep fangirling on schedule unless LJ shuts down completely!
Postpone until the service is more stable, so these outages don't harsh my fangirly squee!


Rules Update

The Rules for the Tour have undergone an update, specifically the addition of Rule 5.

1. Use an LJ-cut to contain your recs. Thirteen recs makes for a longish post, and it's only polite to use a cut. If you're new to LJ, and you don't know how to code an LJ-cut, contact the mods, and we'll be happy to help you.

2. Don't link to flocked journal posts. Even if the most brilliant story or the most beautiful fanart ever created is in that flocked post, if we all can't see it, don't link to it.

3. Be nice. If someone recs something that makes you cringe, there's no need to comment to that effect. Different people enjoy different things for different reasons, and while there's a time and place for discussing the merits of a particular piece of fanfic or fanart, the Tour is not it. If someone violates this rule, please don't add to the situation by commenting further. Contact the mods, and we'll handle it.

4. No recs that contain graphic underage sexuality. In this case, underage means younger than 18.

5. Please identify the creator, source URL, and title (if any) of all fanworks in your post, including fanart thumbnails. How you do that is up to you, though we do have a recommended header to make things easier. This isn't intended to limit your creativity in how you post your recs, just to make sure it's easy to identify who drew/painted/wrote/vidded what and to go check out the original, the better to appreciate their work.

Recommended Header
Why I fangirl this:

Most of the things in the header are pretty self-explanatory, however "Status" refers to whether the fic is Complete or a WIP. While we'd like it if you'd use the header, no one is going to shriek in outrage if you don't or if you change it to suit a rec that's unique and doesn't fit the usual parameters. The main thing is that the creators are clearly credited and it’s reasonably straightforward for others to go check out the fanwork and fangirl it too.

That's all for the moment, but we do reserve the right to add a new rule or two if something comes up in the future. If so, we'll post any changes or additions.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to either comment to this post or email the mods at fangirltour@gmail.com .


Mixed Bag Thursday!

-skids in- I’m here! I’m here!

Whew… I was worried about getting this posted. Not because of LJ’s frequent downtime’s lately, though those have been worrisome too, but because I have been so blooming forgetful lately. Each day when I see a post for the tour I’m like, “I need to do… oohhh shiny!” >.<

But anyway, I’m here with my rec’s. It’s a very mixed bag for your viewing pleasure this Thursday. I’ve got slash, non-slash and a couple of things that could be slash if you squint. I’ve got Twilight, some anime and Avatar: The Last Airbender, hopefully these fandoms will tickle someone’s fancy.

If you view anything I would say to view the video, which is the very first thing I listed. Even if you’re not a slash fan… this video is so outstanding I really don’t have proper words to describe it. I wish I could be that good at editing!

Enough of my rambling. Enjoy this stop on the fangirl tour!

Mixed Bag Thursday Below the CutCollapse )

Keeping on for now

I just sent the next few days of reminders with my fingers crossed that LJ will stabilize and we can just continue here, on LJ, on schedule. The poll on what options people favor if the DDoS outages continue/worsen is still running, and please do keep the comments and suggestions coming in.

If you need to reach one of us during an outage (or whenever), the tour email addy is fangirltour@gmail.com.


LJ DDoS outages and options for the Tour

While the site has gone down briefly a couple of times, today seems to be the best day LJ's had in awhile, so this may be beside the point. ETA: At least, that's what my experience has been. At least one person has mentioned in comments that for them, LJ has been down more than it's been up today, as was the case for me yesterday, which suggests the coverage issues may be affected by region or some other factor. However, in case the outages resume or worsen, scatteredlogic and I decided we'd like to hear what your thoughts are on how to proceed with the Tour. It is, after all, the Fangirls whose stops make the Tour what it is, besides which, you're all brilliant and may come up with some idea we hadn't thought of.

Here are the possibilities we've come up with so far, along with the drawbacks we've thought of for each:

  • Delay the Tour until the problem is fully resolved. Drawbacks: not everyone who's planning to post may be available to post at a later time.

  • Create a mirror Tour community on Dreamwidth. Drawbacks: while you can comment with OpenID, every fangirl with a stop on the Tour would need an account in order to post, and that would mean coming up with invite codes. ETA: According to comments, this may not be the problem it seemed, as DW may make more codes available in the case of a migrating community. Also, not everyone wants to have an account on Dreamwidth.

  • Create a mirror Tour community on InsaneJournal. Drawbacks: while no invite code is needed, all posters would still need to create an IJ account, and not everyone necessarily wants an IJ account either.

So, what are your thoughts?

What would you like the Fangirl Tour to do if the LJ outages continue/get worse?

Delay the Tour until the problem is resolved.
Mirror the Tour on Dreamwidth.
Mirror the Tour on InsaneJournal.
Some other thing I'll explain in comments.


Contact Info

The Tour maintainers are scatteredlogic and firefly124, with Tour moderator peyton07, our Del.icio.us links goddess.

The Tour email is fangirltour@gmail.com.

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